The Anti-Beauty Beauty Club: Redefining the “B” Word

We’re so excited that you’ve found yourself here with us. Welcome to Daybird: We’re an Anti-Beauty Beauty Club helping you show up for your day, just as you are. 

Daybird stemmed from our desire to dissociate from traditional standards of what “beauty” and “perfection” mean. More steps and more products to cover and cure our faces didn’t resonate with us. We were looking for a product that did more for our skin without adding unnecessary stress to our mornings. 

Since then, we’ve talked with so many people with different types of skin goals, all across the shade spectrum, who are redefining their relationship with beauty and rethinking their routines. The Anti-Beauty Beauty Club community was born from these conversations so we can take back ownership of what beauty means to us. We’re saying goodbye to unrelatable societal standards and the idea of being told we have to look a certain way in order to feel a certain way. 

Self-care shouldn’t be stressful and neither should your daily routine. That’s why we want you to wear less so you (and your skin) can benefit more. 

Whitney & Veena

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